Surface Mount Delineators
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750 Series Delineator

TM750 Series

MTBF:       Over 75 hits at 55 mph
Height:      19”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”
Anchor:     Surface or Ground Mount
Weights:   From 2.25 to 2.5 lbs.
Colors:       W, O, Y
Sheeting:   Reflective

Though suitable as a multi-purpose traffic delineator, FlexSTake TM was especially designed as a hi-impact channelizer for sites where traffic from side streets would be merging with traffic in a thoroughfare. The TM is an impact-resistant surface mounted post that has all the advantages of the internationally acclaimed FlexStake SM, plus an enhanced 360 degree visibility.

The TM channelizer maybe mounted on concrete, asphalt or to the FlexStake Flatfoot. For channelization in sand, dirt or loose rock, the FlexStake TMG (Tubular Ground Mount) is the post of choice.

The TM Marker is a five-part assembly:
1. the post
2. the inner-core and hinge
3. the base
4. the grips
5. the pin

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