Surface Mount Delineators
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700 Series Delineator

SM700 Series

MTBF:     340 hits at 35 mph
               75 hits at 55 mph

Height :   19”, 24”, 30”, 36”,
                48”, 60”, 72”
Anchor:   Surface Mount
Colors:     W, R, O, Y, G, Bu, Br, Gy
Sheeting: Reflective (federally approved)

The FlexStake Surface Mount SM is the only sensible choice for hi-traffic, hi-impact locations. Using the same color impregnated polycarbonate extrusion and flexible hinge as the virtually indestructible FlexStake HD surface mounted SM's are still standing after 8 years of hard road use.

FlexsStake's SM's outlast every other surface mounted delineator on the market by an incredible margin. SM's are easy to assemble and quick to install. They can be mounted to concrete, asphalt, wood and other hard surfaces using lag bolts, butyl rubber, epoxy and even nails.

FlexStake SM is a four part assembly:
1. post and hinge
2. the base
3. the grips
4. the pin

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